Monday, 31 August 2009

New freebies

I've got two new great freebies.
The first is the Midnight Mania on a great opal and gold signet ring.

The second is a dollarbie on a pair of brilliant gold and diamond stud earrings.

I hope you like them them both. HURRY on down to the stall and grab them for yourselves.

Have fun, Pen.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Flash Mob

WOW!!!! Last night we were flash mobbed.

It was very exciting and the Midnight Mania board locked down in a minutes. It was so crowded that at one time a guy was standing on the roof of the stall.

A big "Thank You" to whom ever organised that for us.

Have fun, Pen.

NEW: Double link braclet

NEW: A lovely little bracelet, each link is a double ring for a really nice effect.

It's available in gold and silver.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Amazon Braclet

This a great 3 band bracelet with a stunning green gem. It's available in silver or gold, as shown below.

I create stuff that really appeals to me and I hope you like this.

Of course you could come down to the stall and see my other creations.

Have fun penny.


Thank you for reading Pen's Gems blog.
This is my first posting and I've just opened a really nice little jewellery stall outside Jazmyn D's main store with a few items I've created that I really like.

I will add more as time goes by and you’ll be able to read about them FIRST right here.

So pop by the and I hope there’s something you like.

Have fun, Penny.