Saturday, 31 July 2010

Don't Doze or You Might Miss This One...

Hi Pen's Gems...

A new Hunt is about to begin that you really need to check into!! It's the "Sleepless in SL Hunt".

Penny and Pen's Gems are a part of the pursuit of this little cutie...baa baa. The hunt for he and his flock runs from August 1st through the 31st. Here is the starting point
to help you begin your search. There are some great gifts in this one...snooze and you loose.

I just HAD to include a picture of this cutie...I couldn't resist!
"...when you are tired and you can't sleep...count you blessings..." and don't forget the sheep!! keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it is Pen's Gems.

Baa Baa (Bye Bye)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Aren't they Precious?...

Hi Precious Gems...

Yes...they are. But of course, they would be...they are Precious Gems.

An adorable pair of Silver Teddy Earrings are waiting for you and they are only L$60. Delicate "Little Silver Teddies" that are so cute that you'll want a pair for yourself and then one for a special friend. A deal too special...cute...and "Precious" to pass up.

So, they're here waiting for you. Come give them a good home, you'll be glad you did. Don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it is
Pen's Gems.

Love...til next time

Friday, 23 July 2010

These are Un"Bear"ably Cute...

Let's Reminisce Shall We...

When you were a child, do you remember having your favorite Teddy? You are very special to Penny and to show you how special you are...she takes you back to that special time and that cherished memory with her, Ted Earrings in Gold and Silver.

This pair of charming cubs are just that...Un-"Bear"ably Cute!! These Ted Earrings are complete with tiny details that make them just ...adorable. They have a miniature nose and eyes... a cute pair of little ears with paws to complete the pieces and they are on sale for L$99. Penny has fashioned them just the right size to dangle from your delicate ears.
They are great as a treat to yourself or a special little gift to a friend!

So...come on down to Pen's Gems. Don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it is Pen's Gems.

See you soon...

Friday, 16 July 2010

In Search of Amethyst Dreams...The Beauty, The Treasure, The Gem

Hi Pen's Gems...

Weddings are celebrations of dreams...
Celebrations of things to come...

When that important question is popped ... this Diamond, Amethyst, and Platinum Ring is what you want slipped on your finger! Penny created this ring with a duo of exquisite diamonds surrounded by three delicate amethyst stones settled on a platinum band for 60L Weekend (July 17 & 18)... how fantastic is that?!!!

You will want this treasure for your is a beauty of a gem. Of course it's one of Pen's Gems.

Don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it's Pen's Gems. Come down to the store and grab yours for only...$60L.

Sparkling for you...

p.s. Shhhh...this is one of Penny's favorites, but you didn't hear that from me :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Wow!! She's done it again...

Hi "Pen's Gems"...

Penny has doubled your selection of elegance and sophistication with The AF Danglie design. She has put together a Silver AF Danglie and a Gold AF Danglie set. By doing this, she has added to your versatility and glamour. As we all know, having just the right accessories for those special occasions is very important and so she's taken the guesswork out of it...

These beautiful pieces may be purchased as sets for L$215 or individually, with the gorgeous earrings costing $L99 and the matching stunning necklace priced at L$149. Just take a look!!...

So hurry down to Pen's Gems and get your touch of elegance. And don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure its Pen's Gems!

Til next time...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Don't Forget...'s right around the corner. The 60L weekend is July 10 and it's going to be great! Penny Raleigh has a great piece waiting just for you, it's those lovely silver earrings... See you there.

Don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it's Pens Gems.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Elegance and Sophistication...Danglies on July 10

Hi "Pens Gems"...I am here with great news!!
You've been looking for just the right earrings to "dangle" from those delicate ears of yours? Well...look no further!
Penny has solved The Mystery of Simplistic Elegance. Sensing your longing to be fashionable on every occasion, she has blended simplicity and elegance in perfect harmony. Her 60L offering for July 11, is the solution to every woman's quandary, "Which earrings should I wear with this?". Her answer, "...a lovely pair of scrumptious silver danglies". Each earring features one pivotal silver ring that is eclipsed by a quartet of smaller delicate rings... that cascade downward and culminate in tiny orbs that are delightfully eye-catching.

Don't miss out on this opportunity that is not only Simplistically Elegant but also affordable! Hurry down to Pens Gems and grab your this weekend.

And remember...Keep that sparkle in your eyes and make sure it's from Pens Gems!

See ya soon!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Welcome...Welcome Summer

Hi "Pen's Gems", it's me... Nara!

Welcoming you to our "Elegant July Update". Yes, Summer is here!! Love is in the air and you know that means...Yes! Weddings! What would a wedding be, without that perfect ring to reflect that deep and heart-felt emotion? With that in mind, the talented Miss Penny Raleigh has created new releases for just that special occasion. A whole new selection of engagement rings, Yes...they are here and waiting for you!

Here are just 2 of many exquisite pieces that she has prepared for your specific perusal.
Look below to give you an idea of the meticulous detail, craftsmanship, and love she has put into their design...Aren't they lovely? She's incorporated glamorous square-cut diamonds in platinum settings. In one of those settings, she intricately placed yellow topaz for that special touch!!

And that is not all...
Penny has been very busy!!! She's created the scrumptiously delicate and elegant Silver & Pearl Strand "Hazel" Necklace and Earring Set. She created these lovely pieces at my request, in memory of my RL grandmother. She had a set amazingly exact to Penny's creation. I always loved to see her wear these pieces and Penny brought those same memories back to me in her "Hazel" set. Thank you, Penny!

This set would go perfectly with that lovely evening dress or to give that snazzy business attire of yours that "Pop" in your inventory! They may be purchased as a set or separately. Take a look!!

The Hazel Necklace & Earring Set

And last...but definitely not least...
The Summer and Pens Gems brings you...The Flower Bangle in gold. This "gem" of a gift is available on the MM Board located at the rear of the store. It is a beautifully embrossed creation that brings to mind the tooled hand craftmanship of roman bracelets of old. Very "smart" piece of jewelry and a must for that "Smart" Dresser!

Wow!!...Penny's given you lots of new creations for this month. Stayed tuned...she will keep you coming back for more...she's addictive. :)

Til next time...
Keep that sparkle in your eye...and make sure it's from Pen's Gems!!