Saturday, 25 September 2010

"Pen's Gems" September Member Gift

Absolutely Perfect!!!

That's what this gift is...Absolutely Perfect!

Seven perfectly unified symmetrical circles of silver for your wrist is what PG Members are being treated with this month. Did you know that...

The circle symbolizes wholeness and completion. The Silver Circles are perfect for day...and perfect for evening or both. They make any outfit...complete. They can be worn with other jewelry or they can go completely solo for a simple yet elegant accentuation to that perfect ensemble.

Remember what I said...Absolutely Perfect!
Absolutely Perfect for Pen's Precious Gems! Enjoy!!


Friday, 17 September 2010

Tinkle Treasures...

Hi There Pen's Gems!!

There are a pair of adorable "Tinkle Treasures" awaiting your perusal...
Imagine, if you will... two small heart-shaped charms dangling from dainty strands of shimmering silver or gold. If you can visualize that, then you have a "tinkle" of an idea of what is awaiting you at the store today.

Better yet...Take a look!

Hurry down...they are adorable and classic. They can be worn with your most elegant evening attire or with a pair of jeans to spice them up a's your choice! Go from a day "On-the-Job" to a night "On-the-Town" with no stopping in between!! Who has time to stop anyway? Now you don't have to... Whatever your choice may be the silver or the gold...or both... they are both only 125L$/pair.

"Keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it's Pen's Gems"

Love Nara

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sentimental Thoughts...Special Meanings...

Hello Pen's Gems...

SL Designer Penny Raleigh has been in deep thought about all of you and created...

The Posie Heart Necklace and Bracelet

In Gold and in Silver
The sets are L$225/set ... but the necklaces are only L$175 & the bracelets are L$149,
if purchased separately.

Did you know that a "Posie" is defined as a "...Sentimental thought or phrase.."? These are the exact sentiments that are expressed through the lovely offerings that she has created for you!

Ms. Raleigh expresses her love for what she does... what she creates and this set is no exception.

The Posie Heart strands are delicately linked hearts that express her love for her "Gems" linked one by one. Heart after intricate heart she connected them to represent her interconnection with her "Precious Gems" and what they expect from, individuality, and quality in her work...her creations.


They are awaiting your perusal...come down to the store and pick out yours today...and don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eyes and make sure it's Pen's Gems.

Til next time..
Twinkle Twinkle... Sparkle Sparkle