Friday, 25 June 2010

The Hunt for a Wish is on...

Hello Everyone...
Wishes can come true!! Come find the Magic Wands, collect your gifts, and be a part of a good cause!
Pen's Gems is happy to say that we are participating in this worthwhile event...join us.

The RFL AllStars are having a fun-filled hunt (June 26th - July 16th) to collect donations for the "Relay For Life American Cancer Institute". To be a part of this worthwhile effort...It's simple.

Go to the startpoint, make a small donation of 125 L$ to buy the hunt HUD, and then let the hunt begin! The money goes directly to the RFL to find a cure and is for a good cause! Each wand that you search for, includes a wonderful gift and the LM to another gift and so on and so's great and it's for a great cause!

So, come on...Let's reach for stars and for a cure...come on, get in on the fun!!

Nara :)

**There is a huntergroup "Hunt for Allstars Relay for Life". It is free to join and you can use the group chat to get help during the hunt. Just click any of the huntsigns to get your invitation to the group. If you cant join the group you can still do the hunt :)

Hello ... I'm Nara

Hello Everyone...let me introduce myself. My name is Insenara Siamendes. I will be the Informational Coordinator (IC) for Pen's Gems. I am happy to have to this opportunity to be associated with the creative and innovative mind of Penny Raleigh.

I will be posting events, new creations, and up-to-date news for you..."Pen's Precious Gems". I am looking forward to having fun with we go!!!