Friday, 20 August 2010

Tassles Here...Tassles There...

Hi Pen's Gems... I am here again to let you know about a beautiful pair of "Delicately Elegant" Tassle Earrings in silver that are available at the store right now!!

I say 'Delicately Elegant" because I am not sure where Penny received her motivation for these beauties but...they appear to stream gently from your lobes with the fluid motion of water. They are absolutely gorgeous...I had to get a pair for myself... so don't miss out on this treasure. Just look at them...and guess what? They are only priced at L$99.

You heard me...$L99! So come and get them...they are waiting at the store, so hurry!!

And...don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it's Pen's Gems!!


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Give your heart to someone...

Why not?
Especially when it is as exquisite as this one...
The absolute perfect expression of passion in purple is Penny's Precious Heart Amethyst Necklace in Platinum.

The creation of this piece by Ms. Penny Raleigh, says so much without uttering one single breath.

The division of the Platinum and Amethyst Heart Necklace says, "Our love is strong and will endure (Platinum)" while the other side with the Amethyst stones states, "...The passion that encompasses our devotion is deep and heartfelt". So eloquently put...

So, come on down and hit the MM Board so that you can have this passionate piece for very own.

Heartfelt Wishes...

p.s. If you like that necklace, take a look at the other "Gem" choices right next to the MM Board. Don't forget to keep a sparkle in your eye and make sure it is Pen's Gems.