Sunday, 16 January 2011

It's All in a Word...

Togetherness...Heart & Soul

Walks on the beach, a fond caress.
Hands entwined, feelings confessed.
Together in thought and complete in one mind...
like links in a chain, so utterly sublime.

Those are the thoughts, heart & soul...
"The Togetherness" of the new creation
Penny Raleigh
She was inspired by the relationships and closeness of experiences in love and life...
Experience the His/Her Tungsten "Togetherness" Bracelets.

They are boldly linked Tungsten keepsakes that express the strong bonds in relationships. She's crafted one for men and another for women. These pieces are bold yet classy and they make a definitive statement!
Both are L$125 each and are available now at Pen's Gems. Make sure you come visit the store and pick up yours (and one for that special one in your Secondlife).

...and don't forget to
keep a sparkle in your eyes and make sure it is Pen's Gems!


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